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Next Level 2.0 Mastermind Group Coaching

Shift your energy, shift your life.

Who do you need to become to manifest your best life? 


Who are you?​

You’re a beautiful soul who's mastered how to survive, but you are ready to thrive. You have a stable career, but you struggle with letting go of past trauma, negative thoughts/emotions, you want to heal and take your power back.  You've already been on a journey to discover you, to heal, and deepen your spiritual side, but something is missing…your ready to step into your next level.


This 2.0 version of you will require you to be brave and to swim to the depths of your soul to find more meaning, self-connection, and self-love. It will require you to view aspects of your shadow self that you have been avoiding, but you know these are the very things that are holding you back.


What role does Manifesting play in all this?

Energy is everything, therefore mastering your energy and becoming who you came here to be will help you live your life fulfilled and aligned to what you desire. ​


I get it, you just want to live your life on your terms and re-ignite your inner flame and it can be challenging to do this in the midst of juggling the demands of your home, career, family and kids. You might catch yourself scrolling through social media admiring others and wishing your life was different. You have read countless books, googled subjects and have dabbled in journalling, hoping to find the answers.  I was there once too. Reaching and grabbing for a solution to my problems. My soul knew there was more to life for me. I got tired of the same old same old and everyday felt like Groundhog Day. Can you relate?  

Who am I?

​My name is Trisha. I help beautiful souls master their energy and raise their vibration so they heal can transform into the highest version of themselves in mind, body and soul.  I underwent a series of healings and awakenings which transformed my life and now my mission is to help others on a similar path.


I completely transformed my life, my relationships, and my career and now I am here to support you in stepping into who you came here to be because you CAN have, be, do, anything you desire!


As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and a Transformational Wellness Coach, I offer a holistic approach to conscious living, raising spiritual awareness, and energy mastery to transform and elevate your Life.

So, are you IN?

Are you ready to shift your energy?

​Are you ready to access your higher potential and take your power back?


Join me and the other BRAVE beautiful Souls who have already said YES to themselves.

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